Media Campaign: Step Forward

Client: Black Women for Wellness & Women's Leadership Project
Title: “Step Forward"
Goal: Raise awareness about sexual harassment in schools

A year before the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment was still a public health issue fighting to gain traction. Two nonprofits based in South Central Los Angeles wanted develop a social media campaign to raise awareness about the effects of sexual harassment to girls’ performance in school, self-esteem and overall sense of safety. 
Little attention is given to the detrimental effects sexual harassment and assault has on the psyche of girls in and outside of school and they often suffer in silence.

Solution: To demonstrate how common sexual harassment is in school, help students identify what constitutes harassment, and show girls that they are not alone, we adapted an exercise known as the “privilege walk.” The exercise asks participants to step forward when they identify with a statement or step back when they don’t. After a series of statements were read, the girls’ final positions revealed that many of them shared the same negative experiences with sexual harassment, thus creating an opportunity for open dialogue. The campaign included a promotional video and series of one-on-one interviews with students. “Step Forward” ran in the fall during “back-to-school” season and was covered by Ebony and Bustle.