No. 1: Full Service

/Public Health Campaigns/ graybayne film/media provides a suite of services to help your organization reach its health and social impact goals. Because every issue is different, we develop strategies that are tailor-made for your target audience. Our team of academic experts and creative professionals work together to make your vision for social change a reality. From research, development, production to evaluation, we take an integrated social marketing-based approach to ensure sound theory and design-thinking are at the core of every story we tell.

No. 3: Express Service

/Promotional Materials/ We provide quick turnaround video production and design services for clients who meet specific criteria, often based on special interest projects we may be producing independently. (Ask for details)

No. 4: Monthly Subscription

Need videos for your organization but can’t afford a production company or an in-house producer?

Hiring graybayne film/media on retainer to produce content for your video channel is an effective solution for staying relevant in today’s digital economy. Digital video content helps build meaningful relationships with your audience. With more than half the world’s population online, even the most traditional donor, volunteer or client is looking for video content to better understand an organization’s mission, culture and service value.

According to ZipRecruiter (August 7, 2018), the average annual pay for a Video Producer ranges from $33,500 to $88,500 nationally. Meanwhile, production companies can charge anywhere from $10,00 to $20,000 for a single video. Most small to mid-size organizations lack the marketing budget to sustain this level of service. But it’s an absolute necessity for maintaining a consistent and reliable online video presence.

Unlike these pricey options, having a production company on retainer is a cost-effective way to generate the high quality video content you need to stay relevant online. For as little as $1,500 per month, graybayne film/media will provide production services for 4 videos a year. The first two months are due upon signing. For $3,000 per month, we will produce 10 videos with the first month due on signing. Save $500 if you pay for the full year. We currently have three spots available for 2019, special consideration given to entities with 501(c)3 status.

No. 2: A La Carte

/Campaign Strategy/ Social marketing-based approach

/Audience Research/ Interviews, surveys, and focus groups

/Concept Development/ Art meets behavior theory for innovative visual communication

/Production/ Efficient workflow for high quality media

/Evaluation/ Analytical capabilities to track results

/Training/ Workshops and webinars available for groups

Youtube layout.001 copy.png

Subscription includes: 

  • guidelines for prepping interview subjects

  • production timeline with 2-week turnover 

  • choice of deliverable packages

  • 1 phone consultation & pre-interview with each subject

  • up to 2 production days (interview + b-roll)

  • 1 post-production day