graybayne film/media was founded by Elizabeth Gray Bayne with the belief that media has the power to influence and inspire. We use the art of storytelling to develop innovative campaigns and films in partnership with public health organizations and government agencies to inspire audiences to make informed decisions for a healthier world. We use a variety of research methods and visual communication tools to engage audiences in a crowded media space and increase awareness and understanding about the health and social issues affecting their community.

/Informed/ “Listening” is an integral part of our process. Our strategic approach starts with an academic literature review, ethnographic interviews, and informal focus groups with community stakeholders to understand the attitudes and behaviors of your target audience. 

/Innovative/  We develop techniques in storytelling that incorporate social marketing and design thinking to develop communications strategies that meet audiences “where they live,” create emotionally-compelling content that resonates, and deliver relevant messaging via the most effective platforms.

/Inspiring/ We work alongside clients to develop meaningful communication solutions to health problems affecting society. By taking the time to understand not only the health issue, but the community it affects, we motivate audiences to make informed health decisions.