Film: A Better place

Client: ArtCenter College of Design
Title: “A Better Place"
Logline: A group of children use fantasy to cope with life in an increasingly restrictive community

Synopsis: A Better Place is an urban fantasy about a neighborhood that's become too dangerous to play outside. The children escape their isolation and boredom by imagining a different world. The film was completed as a student thesis project at the ArtCenter College of Design and received a Best Short Competition Award of Merit in the African American Category.

With over 40 cast and crew members and a dozen locations, A Better Place, was an ambitious project that sought to pay homage to the “kids on bikes” genre of 80s films while incorporating a more integrated cast. The film’s storyline was inspired by a Twilight Zone episode titled “The Bewitchin' Pool,” in which two children escape their bickering parents through a portal in the bottom of their swimming pool to a magical land.